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Freedom Home School
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freedom Home School?
Freedom Home School is an independent study program offered by Golden Valley Unified School District that allows students in grades K-12 the opportunity to learn at home, but with the added support of the District's teachers, curriculum and activities.  At Freedom Home School, students get one-on-one time with a grade-appropriate teacher who will assign and review work, provide support to students and parents, and be a steady, positive presence in your child's education.
How does Freedom Home School Work?
Freedom Home School allows for a high quality, flexible education that supports your family goals.  Each student will meet weekly with a credentialed teacher who will assign and review their work.  The teacher will provide curriculum, materials, and tutoring tailored to each child, all at no cost.  Students at Freedom Home School will have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities offered throughout Golden Valley Unified School District like sports, music, art, and field trips.
What are the benefits of Freedom Home School?
There are many benefits to attending Freedom Home School including:
  • Free curriculum, materials, student/parent support and tutoring
  • Weekly meetings with a credentialed teacher
  • Weekly enrichment days for Elementary and Middle School
  • WASC accreditation for High School
  • A-G courses and over 70 electives for High School   
Why should I choose Freedom Home School over an On-line School?
Your child's education is important! Some children need a little extra help while others are able to advance quickly.  Purely online schools lack the personalized support for students and face-to-face access to a credentialed teacher.  And, you can take advantage of a lot of other opportunities for your child- be as involved as you wish!
How do I enroll?
Please contact Freedom Home School at 559-645-3585 for enrollment information.